Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio and Glory of Zion International's Youth Ministry, SWIFT, are gearing up to join forces for a powerful weekend youth camp this summer filled with numerous opportunities to expand their journey with the Lord!

This year we are focusing on who we are in the Lord! We are excited to team up again with Illuminate to offer three indoor tracks focusing on worship arts; including dance, music, and art. This will be a time to better equip and enhance the call and gifts God has placed on your life. We can’t wait to have the next generation join us as the Global Spheres Center and Illuminate Creative Arts Studio host and teach during this summer event! If you have or know of a student who would enjoy being a part of this life-changing week, be sure to read the details below.

SWIFT Youth Summer Details: Go The Distance!

When: July 9-12, 2020

Where are the classes: Global Spheres Center in Corinth, TX

Where are we staying: Embassy Suites Hotel - Denton 
Grades: 9th-12th
Cost: $50.00 per student
Registration closes: June 1, 2020
Workshop tracks being offered:

(all campers will need to pick one track; we will not be able to allow students to pick more than one track)

Dance - Students enrolled in this track will spend their class time each day in Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio being trained by our dance department staff. Each day students will spend time with Hip Hop combo classes,  gain tools to use dance as an expression of worship through group improv classes,  and rehearsing with the GOZ/Illuminate! Dance team to prepare a presentation for the Sunday morning service at Glory of Zion International Ministries on the Global Spheres Campus. All levels, including beginners with no previous dance experience are welcome to join us this summer!

Art - Throughout the art track which will be held within Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio on the Global Spheres Campus, students will spend time collaborating to create a large group live performance piece. Our hope is that these students will leave this week with an understanding of what God can speak through them and through their art expressions.

Music - The Music/Vocal track for this year’s camp will include rehearsal time to prepare a performance piece for the Sunday morning service at Glory of Zion International Ministries on the Global Spheres Campus and exercises on moving prophetically with your sound.  Whether your student has spent years training in their chosen field or they’ve never touched an instrument or sang outside of the shower we are excited to go on this journey with them!

The $50 camp fee covers all meals and transportation (while at camp), as well as a camp T-shirt, lodging and
all workshops that are offered during this time. If your youth is interested in attending, please
complete our online registration through Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio.

See button below in the "Important Things" section for our enrollment link.

Please read through, fill out all required forms and scan back in to Illuminate! at "attn: SWIFT CAMP"


 If you have any questions let us know! 

Illuminate! - 940-208-1352 or SWIFT Leaders - 940-382-1166 or email at

If you are interested in sponsoring a youth, please contact Glory of Zion International for more information by
calling 940-382-7231 and asking for the financial department.

SWIFT and Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio Staff


Here's a quick look into a day for all campers:

Thursday - July 9

3:30        Check in at Glory of Zion Campus

5:00        Dinner 

7:00        Fellowship Activities 

Friday and Saturday - July 10-11

Campers will begin each morning with breakfast at the hotel then will be transported to the Global Spheres Center Building.  During the mid- morning and early afternoon campers will take part in the first two sessions of their track workshops. All campers will break for lunch around the 1:00 hour at the Global Spheres Center. Campers will continue work with track members to complete sessions three and four in the afternoon. All campers will break for dinner followed by their nightly service also at the Global Spheres Center.

Sunday - July 12 

*Sunday Service Presentation is mandatory for all campers.

Parents will pick up campers in the Illuminate! Studios (located at the Global Spheres Center building) immediately following the GZI Celebration Service. 



Click "Register" to create a new account, then you will choose your child's one track) 

Camper Code of Conduct

Please read, print, sign, and return!

Camper Waiver for GSC

Please read, print, sign, and return!

A Few Photos from 2019 Camp