There is something for everyone at Illuminate!

We offer an expansive line-up of classes to meet the needs of the smallest child, to those that are still active learners.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!


3-4 years

Creative Movement

Creative Movement classes are a wonderful introduction to dance for our young students. Incorporating imaginative games throughout the curriculum, learning stretches and steps becomes fun! Students learn new combinations and steps with each lesson.

3+ years


This class teaches basic fundamentals of tumbling. It is a prerequisite for Dance Acro and is for the purpose of preparing students by developing strength, flexibility, spatial and body awareness. Students will be taught basic handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels among many other tumbling skills.

5-6 years

Pre- Technique Classes

We offer Pre-Technique classes in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Polynesian Movement, Tap/Percussion, and Modern. Students are taught more advanced movements specific to the technique focused on in the class. We focus not only introducing students to a technique, but also on teaching them the etiquette and class structure of that technique.

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7-9 and 10+ years

Technique Classes

Technique courses are very different from the Creative Movement and Pre-Technique classes. A student’s class placement is primarily based on skill level and no longer completely determined by their age. In these courses, students are expected to be focused and prepared each day they are in the studio.

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7-9 and 10+ years

Delivered Through Movement

Our worship classes at Illuminate!, we work on techniques such as mirroring, following, negative space, complementing, leading, dancing the Psalms, etc. We emphasize the practical application of dance to further the expression of worship within the church body.


5+ years


Our Foundational level art class have been designed specifically with our beginner artists in mind. Instead of focusing on just one medium or art form, students will have a variety of art projects throughout the session giving them the opportunity to explore a variety of art genres and mediums.

7+ Years

Training Program

Students in our Design and Sewing Training Programs will spend time weekly continuing their design element training as well as learning sewing, costume construction, prop and set design, and more! 

7+ years

Training Program

Students in our 2D/3D Training Program will continue their art education in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting and ceramics. These classes are tailored for students who have already mastered their Foundational level courses and are ready for a more collaborative and challenging environment. 

7+ years

Training Program

Students in our Multimedia Training Program will explore art expression from behind the lens, computer, and by using a variety media platforms. Photography, Videography and Editing will be taught throughout the year. 


12-36 months

Tots and Me

This 30 minute class is for adults and toddlers that involves music, movement and instruments that will enrich hand and eye coordination, verbal skills and ear training.

3&4 years

Piano & Rhythm

This is a 45 minute parent/child class designed for children to have fun with song, movement, and rhythm instruments. They will also develop early piano skills.

5-9 years

Piano Levels 1-7

This is a fun-filled 45 minute class that focuses on singing and playing rhythm instruments with a heavy emphasis on piano basics. Music reading, composition, and ear training are also included.

*Ages 5-6 who are in Levels 1 and 2 will require a parent in class each week.

* Ages 7 and up or Level 3 and up will not require a parent in class.

10+ years

Piano Level 1, 2

In this 45 minute class, children will learn piano skills up to an intermediate level, including proper hand placement, key recognition, sight reading, chords, arpeggios, and basic theory.

8-12 years

Children's Choir

Our children’s choir will focus on singing together with good vocal technique in preparation for performance throughout the year. Student’s will learn to read music with solfege and develop beginning music theory.

5&6 years

Rhythm and Percussion

Students will learn basic percussion and rhythm fundamentals with focus on vocabulary, basic theory, and hands on use of various percussion instruments. All students under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent in this class.

7-9 years

Drums and Percussion Levels 1, 2, 3

This 35 minute parent/child class combines basic percussion fundamentals with basic drum and kit fundamentals to establish a foundation to build on. Even though these are group classes, the goal is to identify individual abilities and progress each student in the right direction.

10-15 years

Drums and Percussion Levels 1, 2, 3

This 35 minute combines basic percussion fundamentals with basic drum and kit fundamentals to establish a foundation to build on. Even though these are group classes, the goal is to identify individual abilities and progress each student in the right direction.


3&4 years and 5&6 years

Experiencing the Nations

Students will experience the dances, music, and art from around the world. Each month students will focus on a continent and each week explores a different nation.

7-12 years

Global Gardeners 1 & 2

Global Gardners will get your kids connected to the land, learn how to grow their own food, dig deep into nutrient-dense food (vegetables), have access to observing animal life, and move, move, move their full-of-energy little bodies!


5&6 years

Theatre Class

Each year we work with our piano classes to create a variety show comprised of music and scenes to be performed in December. In our theatre classes our students will use their imaginations to practice improvisation games, physical character movement, and learn staging techniques and stage directions in preparation for the Christmas Variety Show! Each age group in the theatre classes will have a scene to rehearse and parts will be assigned during classes. Come join the fun in the festive season!

7-12 years

Theatre Production

In the Spring our theatre classes will be combined to rehearse and perform a joint production. This is a great opportunity for students to work together as they explore and learn the process involved with mounting a production. Our class will focus on team building and ensemble work, developing physical and emotional skills, and practicing vocal skills with the use of language and text. Line memorization will be required of some, but not all. There are no small parts in theatre, and every actor is necessary to create a play, so all levels of experience are welcomed. Roles will be assigned in class.