“Our classes will utilize a portion of the GSC Community Garden and Argoforest Areas, aiming to educate children, apply gardening practicies, and build a structure of provision for the future generations" 

Junior Master Gardeners Class Spring 2020  

Welcome to Beulah Acres Global Gardeners

partnering with Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio 

We are offering gardening classes to kids 7 to 10 years old under the research-based curriculum from the Junior Master Gardeners (JMG) Program and are very excited to have you and your kids with us! In this coming Spring Season, we will have 9 classes to engage with your kids and explore lessons under the LGEG (Learn, Grow, Eat and Go!) and Wild Life Gardeners Curriculums. We will Learn plant needs in a creative way, Grow a garden utilizing cool methods/hands-on activities, Eat from produce sampling/cooking lessons, Go with physical educational activities, and Develop Wildlife habitats.

Our classes will utilize a portion of the Community Garden and Agroforest Areas on our Campus, aiming to educate your kids, apply gardening practices, and build a structure of provision for the future generations. The Goal is to get your kids connected to the land, learn how to grow their own food, dig deep into nutrient-dense food (vegetables), have access to observing animal life, and move, move, move their full-of-energy little bodies!



--Normal monthly tuition for all required classes ($10/month per class)


--Intial Class Supply Fee $30 - includes: gardening kit with gloves, apron, spray bottle, tools, kneeling board and tool bag that you can take home and bring back for next class. That’s yours to keep for gardening later.